Our Burden's Been Lifted


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We've got a confession to make. We hope our friends and family can understand. Sonia and I have been living a lie, and we've decided to come clean to everyone.

For years now, we've had to cope with a huge secret. It's been incredibly difficult to keep our secret -- especially from our kids. But now that we're coming clean, it feels like the truth has set us free!

Sonia and I have been fans of the Washington Redskins for the last 5 years. There, we said it. Like most people from the Dallas area, we were brainwashed by our parents and pressured by our friends to cheer for and support the sorry-ass Dallas Cowboys.

In 2002, we both came to the realization that we were making a huge mistake. We were really Redskins fans at heart. This website is our way of exorcising those metallic blue demons. We know there are other people like us who just can't come out to their friends and family. Hopefully our story will encourage them to do what's right and embrace their Burgundy & Gold destiny!

This Just In - More Family Comes on Board


Oh man, this is special. Just when we thought all our family was going to abandon us, it turns out two of our closest relatives are Redskins fans too. Meet Gregg and Selena! The newest Redskins fans in Dallas.

So that's 2 family members. We have a lot more though. We've already started working on our kids. The 7-year old is on-board with us. He went to a game with Jon in December. The oldest boy may be a problem. He's been confused over this whole Cowboy thing for a long time. We think we know how to get through to him. Time will tell.

Who else wants to join us - let us know!


We've Almost Got the Whole Family On Board

Now we're getting somewhere. This weekend we had an offseason retreat where we drank lots of burgundy kool-aid and convinced our relatives to join us in worshiping the Redskins. Everyone in Son's  immediate family is on board. Now we just have to work on Jon's.

Say hello to the newest Redskins fans!!!







Current News

No Super Bowl for the Cowboys - This Is News?

I know this isn't really a big story or anything but once again, the Cowboys will be sitting at home watching the Super Bowl with the rest of the losers. Yes, I know the Redskins are losers too, but at least they're not under-achieving losers! Everyone knew the Skins would suck. Everyone thought the entire Cowboys team was headed for the Hall of Fame.

Instead, they gave us Pacman and Tank, T.O. and Witten, Romo's brainless quarterbacking, a broken-footed punter, a lame duck head coach and way too much more to go into here. Overall, it was one of the most satisfying Cowboy seasons in recent history.

Here's to a great off-season of Jerry Jones' madness. We'll be here watching and loving every inept minute. Check back soon!

Jon and Son




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